0.8% fees for BTC or ETH only

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    Hello there, I want to contribute to the forum by sharing useful stuffs. Referral links are used for benfits stated.

    Coinhako (Singapore / Malaysia)
    Sign up here > https://www.coinhako.com/referrals/sign_up/TOHJIAJUN_423746

    Get rewarded when they start trading
    Your friend trades | Your friend gets| You get *
    S$100.00 |S$5.00 |S$5.00
    RM300.00 |RM15.00 |RM15.00
    * This is a one time reward and not recurring.

    The base fee for the buy / sell is 1%.
    Read is about here
    "COINGECKO" promo code to get discounted trading fees of 0.8%.

    To apply the code, after registration and confirmation of email etc,
    Head over to this link to apply the promo code.

    Hope it's useful for Singaporean / Malaysian to save 0.2% fees, it may be small BUT long term it's a lot.

    Love this forum

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