A Paycheck Could Be In Cryptocurrency For Employees Shortly

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  1. JefferyMusk

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    Feb 8, 2018

    A large number of companies are stepping ahead to paycheck their employees with cryptocurrency. Hence, the concept might be alluring to some organizations. But, there are numerous adversities for the extensive adoption of such prospects.
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    Mar 18, 2018
    Hi, I have already invested in Celcius network, Salt lending, eth lend and want to invest in Welltrado.io What do you think guys?
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    Apr 10, 2018
    Crypto economics: time to remove intermediaries

    There are mediators in any economic relations. There are so many of them that even laws treat mediation as a separate type of activity.

    Thus, the Civil Code identifies five types of intermediaries:

    • Commercial representatives: they receive instructions from entrepreneurs and fulfill them;
    • Commission agents: try to sell goods produced by the manufacturer;
    • Attorneys receive orders from entrepreneurs to sell goods and try to promote sales as much as possible;
    • Agents: conclude contracts for sale of goods on behalf of entrepreneurs;
    • Distributors: conduct wholesale trade in goods which are delivered to them by the producer.
    Do we need the above mediators? Undoubtedly, in some cases they perform useful functions. For example, if the manufacturer is experiencing difficulties with sale of goods or it is difficult to deal with the nuances of the legislation, it chooses a good intermediary and pays it for high-quality services.

    There is nothing wrong with the above example. However, the problem is that this does not always happen. Most often, intermediaries do not do anything, but want to get a percent (and rather big) of each transaction.

    Apparently, what’s wrong with that?
    Many believe that if producers need intermediaries and are willing to pay them, then so be it. However, such an opinion is fundamentally wrong.

    After all, the manufacturer lays down the cost of intermediary services in the value of the goods. Because of this, product prices are constantly rising, and buyers spend more and more money. In the short term, it is only consumers that suffer. But in the long run, economic growth and living standards are declining.

    Crypto economy breaks artificial barriers between the producer and the end user of goods. They will be able to interact with each other through platforms that do not obey anyone.

    Industrial decentralization is the future. Both buyers of goods and the companies that produce them will benefit from the crypto economy. Ultimately, this will make society healthier and fairer.

    Middlemen will disappear from production with the advent of the Yodse platform. It is a unique space where producers and consumers find each other. Yodse assumes only direct interaction between users; there is no place for intermediaries here.


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