Bitfinex Is Announcing EOSfinex to Build On-Chain Exchange

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  1. JefferyMusk

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    Feb 8, 2018
    One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex has officially announced EOSfinex. It would be built on technology that would brand it first high-performance decentralized exchange.
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    Mar 18, 2018
    Hi, What do think about I saw Celcius network already raised 30M usd, do you think Welltrado could raise more?
  3. DanielAl

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    Apr 10, 2018
    Trading without intermediaries

    Ensuring trading without intermediaries is one of the main tasks of the Yodse platform. It was reflected in the mission of the project, which we formulated as follows:

    “Uniting interests, erasing borders and distances for buyers and producers in the real economy, increasing efficiency, transparency of processes and business by use of blockchain technology.”
    We believe that trading without intermediaries is something that the industrial equipment market should strive in the medium and long term. After all, the advantages of this approach for both buyers and sellers are obvious.
    Here are just a few advantages of eliminating intermediaries from the supply chain.

    For producers:
    – Transactions with an increased level of transparency: the seller and buyer are the only parts in the process. There are no parties that could dictate their terms;
    – Quick settlements: if there are only two parties in the contract, the producer does not have to wait until the payment has gone along the whole chain andgets;
    – Increased customer base: if a producing company doesn’t spend its money on intermediaries, it will reduce the costs associated with promotion of its products and reduce operating costs, thereby increasing customer loyalty and income for its shareholders.

    For clients:

    – Reduction of labor and financial costs: no longer need to monitor the sea of offers from intermediaries and look for contacts of real producers;
    – Fast delivery: no need to wait until the goods pass through the chain of intermediaries;
    – Communication directly with the manufacturer: you can always contact the company that produces the goods and get individual terms of cooperation and firm technical support;
    – Reducing the risk of non – delivery: by working directly with the buyer, the producer understands that non-delivery will adversely affect its reputation.
    The YodseEcosystem is a space for trading without third parties. The Platform Yodse will create:
    – The most transparent transaction system;
    – Decentralized storage of supply data;
    – Integration of blockchain technologies and the real economy.

    In the future, Yodse will become the largest ecosystem for trading manufactured goods in the Internet.

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