CrowdIF - I am really appreciate this coming project!

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    CrowdIF - The best cryptocurrency investment platform |

    The company introduces an innovative product in the field of Crypto Trading! The company will become a leader in their field! I'm sure ICO will be very successful and create the history!

    What is CrowdIF
    CrowdIF is a path-breaking, first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency trading platfrom which is capable of harnessing the power of the Collective Intelligence of the Crowd and includes it in a major way in its crypto-trading strategy. CrowdIF is the only crypto trading platform which is capable of objectively gathering something as abstract as market sentiment and quantify it. We call this quantified market sentiment - The SentimentScore. This is our secret rocket fuel.

    As is widely known, market sentiment plays a vital role in defining the direction of crypto market movements. Capitalizing upon SentimentScore gives CrowdIF a superpower and allows it to consistently outperform market with better results than using the conventional techniques.

    ICO Round 1
    Token Price: 0.80$ - 1.25$
    Tokens available for sale: 1,600,000

    ICO Round 2
    Token Price: 1.26$ - 1.50$
    Tokens available for sale: 5,000,000

    ICO Round 3
    Token Price: 1.51$-2.00$
    Tokens available for sale: 10,000,000

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    CrowdIF - The best cryptocurrency investment platform |

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