CrowdIF- One of these Promising Crypto Currency like Bitcoin

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    Mar 18, 2018

    Today I am going to share my experience of 1 year of Crypto trading/ Crypto market with you.
    From the beginning I saw that lots of Crypto trading company came into the market who used to claim that they had experience of 8 to 10 years, but…
    after a long time one company came into the market who has complete information about the status of market, because this company trades on the basis of the thought and sentiments of people related to cryptocurrency market, and the name of this company is CrowdIF.

    The best part I liked about the company is this that, this company ask questions about market sentiments on real time basis and on the basis of our opinion company come to know that what is the current status of market because If there is any good news in the market related to BTC, its rate goes up, and if there is any negative news, its price goes down, so company trades according to the opinion and sentiments collected from us because this market is being driven on the basis of our sentiments.

    There are lots of way to earn profit in this company. Im associated with CrowdIF from the beginning
    of of it first round of its ICO and start getting appreciation in its CIF coin. When I buy its coin CIF, its price was $ 0.80 now its current value is $1.25.
    So friends do not delay, come and become a part of it, so not only you but others could be benefited with your sentiment or opening regarding market.

    Earn $10 instantly (100% payment proof earn daily $10-$100upto)
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    here i will explain u crowdif plan

    1.Referral Income
    Must be a paid member to get referral income. You will get income up to 5 level, You will get $ on every level. To take benefit of it, you should invest $100 for your ID , than your referral income will start, else you will not get any referral bonus from your downline. One person can have only 1 ID , If found more than 1 than his IDs will be terminated.

    2. Decentralized Mining
    For this your ID should not necessary to be paid. In this payment will be weekly . As long as our mining page will be open on your system, as much the earning will be of yours.

    3. Sentiment Income
    In this also you will be eligible for income only if your ID is paid. You will be given 2 or more questioner per week,You will be paid $1.5 to $4 for one questioner,You have to submit filled questioner till coming Sunday up till 12UTC once given. Else that questioner will be disable nor you will be benefited for the same.

    4. Portfolio Management Income
    The minimum deposit for this is $250, and you will be given profit on daily basis on this invested amount. Your fund will be allocated within 3 days from the date of deposit, and you will start getting profit after 3rd day.
    There is no lock-in period in Portfolio management, you can DE-allocate your fund wherever you want to and your money will be transferred in your wallet within 7 days from the date of DE-allocation.
    Your profit will be stoped from the date of DE-allocation request.
    If you want to cancel DE-allocation request you can within 1 week, and your profit will be start from next day.

    If you again de- allocate after the cancellation of DE-allocation, it will take 1week from that day again. In portfolio management, one with free ID can also participate but he or she will not be given any questioner or referral income .

    5. Portfolio Management Referral Bonus.
    Your investment should be of $100 for this PMRB,You will be given 10% of total interest given to your down line. You will be given interest of your directs ot of your indirect down line,Your PMRB will be given to you the time when your direct down line's interest will be credited.

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