1. DaveJordan

    DaveJordan BoxMember

    Mar 13, 2018
    The panic after yesterday's news subsided and bitcoin 0.16% traded in a narrow range between 9500.00 and 10100.00. This strong impulse was triggered by news from the US and Japan where the regulators continue to take decisive action against the scope of the crypto market, as well as a report on the problem at the largest Binance exchange with their API and the manipulation of the price of one of the coins. It is worth noting that at these levels the price was at the end of last month, but the trading volumes were not so high. Yesterday, in the 4th hour, more than 400 million dollars worth of bitcoins 0.16% were traded, which can be considered a big figure if we consider the decline in popularity for bitcoin 0.16% and a strong decrease in the number of transactions. It is likely that the sellers were speculators once again frightened by the actions of the regulators, and buyers could become large investors who probably know more speculators. As a result, now the bitcoin 0.16% price is testing the support level of 9500.00 and it is likely to drop to 9200.00 but a further movement to the bottom is unlikely, so now it is worth trying to buy with a short stop-loss. Trades on CREDITS ("CS") were held in the range as before and the support level of 0.00080 - 0.00085 CS / ETH is still actual, from which the active purchases by bidders continue, which does not allow the price to decrease. An important fact, when the market fell after bad news, the price of "CS" fell slightly to 0.0008350 and immediately returned back to 0.00105 CS / ETH. In conditions of negative sentiment on the crypto market, coins "CS" still experience increased interest from investors, which can be seen by the increase of holders. At the time when the bitcoin was down on yesterday's trading session, the number of coin holders increased by more than 800 new ones. This is a good signal for a long strategy, because, according to technical analysis, there is a high probability that the market may recover back, which could lead to an increase in the price of "CS". The fall continues. It looks like a panic of speculators. But if everyone sells who buys? 15.03.1.png
  2. Marrytompk

    Marrytompk BoxMember

    Mar 18, 2018
    Hi, I have already invested in Celcius network, Salt lending, eth lend and want to invest in Welltrado.io What do you think guys?
  3. DanielAl

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    Apr 10, 2018
    What harm do intermediaries do to the progress of the world

    We have already talked about how intermediaries harm producers and buyers of products. The negative impact on production chains, which is exerted by intermediaries, is great, and it must be eliminated.

    However, these questions arise quite often. They affect a narrow circle of people. And if we limit ourselves to the consideration only of such problems, it seems that the mediators cause very limited harm.

    However, it is not so. The fact is that intermediary activities stifle the entire world economy and hinder technological progress.

    Judge for yourselves, today there are many manufacturers who want to produce new products. They have a desire to improve the world and give customers something new, to promote technological progress.

    But no manufacturer will do this if it does not make a profit. And the income will appear only when there are consumers.

    To find out whether the market needs products, the manufacturer begins to conduct market research. And that's where the problems start.

    The fact that intermediaries today occupy a position that allows them to dictate the parameters of products for suppliers. The opinion of the intermediaries replaces consumer preferences. Intermediaries are closer to the manufacturer than end-users. And companies that produce products communicate with intermediaries.

    And those, in turn, are absolutely not interested in technological progress. They are satisfied with the current state of Affairs: they do not do anything useful, but get a stable income. At the same time, they are well aware that technological progress can knock the soil out of their feet. And they strongly discourage it.

    Good to make it very simple. It is enough to inspire the manufacturer that innovative products are not in demand by the market and will not be sold. The company, which produces products, does not want to work at a loss, and will postpone the implementation of the project until better times.

    But there is a demand for new products! However, information about this does not reach the manufacturer. Fortunately, today there are decentralized platforms for P2P-interaction. Using these platforms, the manufacturer will receive reliable information about the needs of the market from those who form this market - consumers. Ultimately, this will lead to breakthrough innovations and new developments in mass access.

    One of the first such developments was the Yodse platform. This is a unique decentralized space for interaction between consumers and manufacturers. Yodse users will be able to contact each other directly and work without third parties.


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