Swift over Ripple by Speeding up Cross-Border Payments, Without Blockchain

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  1. JefferyMusk

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    Feb 8, 2018
    Swift also claims to facilitate fast payment, a competitive advantage for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in addition to reducing the cost of cross-border payments. However, Ripple has gained more grounds in a short time especially in the recent few months.
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    Apr 10, 2018
    B2B/B2C – marketplace

    The Yodse marketplace is a place where users will be able to enter into contracts for sale and purchase ofequipment. This is an important element of the Yodse ecosystem, and it is important for project participants to know what it is for.

    How does the marketplace work?
    We have simplified the algorithm of Yodse trading platform as much as possible:
    – The client chooses the desired supplier and agrees upon the transaction details with it;
    – The consumer pays for the goods with fiat money or cryptocurrencies;
    – Funds are credited to the Yodse transit account, at the same time the supplier receives a notification;
    – The producer ships the goods to the logistics company;
    – Buyer receives products;
    – Logistics company informs about successful delivery and the producer receives a reward.

    We tried to make the algorithm of Yodse as simple and clear as possible both for customer and producer. By doing so, this algorithm guarantees that therights of all parties are respected.

    Why you need a token?
    Yodse token is a means of payment for services on a B2B/B2C platform. It is cryptocurrency that we have chosen for this purpose, not fiat money. The reason is advantages cryptocurrencies offer:
    – Tokens increase user loyalty;
    – Cryptocurrency allows anyone who owns it to make proposals for improvement of the functionality of the platform;
    – Tokens are paid to the participants of the referral program as a reward;

    Yodse users can make an invaluable contribution to the development of the platform. We endow everyone who hasYodse token the right of proposing ways of improvement of the marketplace. This will not only make the platform Yodse better but also meets the demands of today’s digital economy.

    Additional services:
    We offer additional services to users of the Yodse trading platform:
    – Product search by its characteristics, by item number, and bybrand;
    – Chatting with other members;
    – Tracking cargo delivery;
    – Insurance of goods;
    – Marketing goods and services;
    – Rating and feedback system;
    – Provision of P2P-loans;
    – Referral program;
    – Settlement of disputes in arbitration;
    – Set of standard documents.

    By use of the additional services the Yodse users will be able to purchase and sell industrial productson a turn-key basis. For this, the Yodse platform has all the users need.


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